Luc Caregari

La démocratie n’est pas une pute généreuse…

Luc Caregari

Artist and journalist


Born in the late 1970s, Luc Caregari grew up in the south of Luxembourg. Later he left for Paris to study French arts and journalism.

In 2006, after a short period writing for daily paper taz, based in Berlin, he began working for the Luxembourgish weekly paper woxx. As a musician and member of the theatre collective Independent Little Lies, Caregari is highly active on the artistic scene, whilst remaining a non-partisan journalist when it comes to politics.

The quote «La démocratie n’est pas une pute généreuse…» (Democracy is not a charitable whore…) refers to Luc Caregari’s journalistic angle of observation on democracy. In his eyes the media and the general public tend to look at democracy as a matter of fact. He believes that the contrary is the case. “What occurs most notably in times like these, with the consequences of the economic crisis negatively affecting social cohesion, is a resurrection of extremist and populist opinions.” Thus, the task of a journalist cannot merely consist in defending democracy, but also in putting democracy to the test. A journalist should point at those instances where democracy has turned sour, and where the equality of humans is in danger. Even at the risk of becoming unpopular.